Milka Alpine World VR

I was tasked with creating a 360-degree VR experience that would be showcased at a business PR conference.

The aim was to transport the user to the world of Milka by taking them on a magical journey which focused on the small, beautiful yet often seemingly insignificant moments. The user would be taken on a visual voyage to heighten their senses by dropping them into the beautiful landscapes and unfolding drama that is overlooked in normal films.

To achieve this, I developed an application written in JS, HTML and WebGL which was packaged using Cordova to allow the 360 video to run on Samsung Gear VR headset/Cardboard. The WebGL open specifications allowed us to run the experience within a mobile browser. I used the custom web view engine, Canvas+, as this is optimised for Canvas operations providing a subset of standard HTML5 function specifically designed to run Canvas based 2D/3D animations.